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Cartographer is a set of laser radar slam algorithm that was open sourced by Google in September 2016. Its precision and effect are among the best in the industry. This article will demonstrate how to use Cartographer in the ROS Kinetic. Click to view the result video.


  1. Installation dependency package

     # Install the required libraries that are available as debs.
     sudo apt-get update
     sudo apt-get install -y \
         cmake \
         g++ \
         git \
         google-mock \
         libboost-all-dev \
         libcairo2-dev \
         libeigen3-dev \
         libgflags-dev \
         libgoogle-glog-dev \
         liblua5.2-dev \
         libprotobuf-dev \
         libsuitesparse-dev \
         libwebp-dev \
         ninja-build \
         protobuf-compiler \
  2. Install ceres solver

     cd  ~/Documents
     git clone
     cd ceres-solver
     mkdir build
     cd build
     cmake ..
     make -j
     sudo make install
  3. Install prtobuf 3.0

     cd  ~/Documents
     git clone
     cd protobuf
     git checkout v3.6.1
     mkdir build
     cd build
     cmake  \
       -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
       -Dprotobuf_BUILD_TESTS=OFF \
     make -j 2
     sudo make install
  4. Install cartographer

     cd  ~/Documents
     git clone
     cd cartographer
     mkdir build
     cd build
     cmake ..
     make -j
     sudo make install
  5. Install cartographer_ros

     cd ~/Documents/ros/src   #请修改路径到自己的ROS catkin工作空间
     git clone
     cd ..
  6. The installation is complete, start downloading the bag file for testing

    Click the link to download the file and save it to your desktop.

  7. Start the demo, you can see rviz start and start to build

    According to the computing power of the personal platform, the complete running time of this demo is generally between half an hour and one hour.

     roslaunch cartographer_ros offline_backpack_2d.launch  bag_filenames:=${HOME}/Desktop/cartographer_paper_deutsches_museum.bag
  8. Save the map and end the test

     roslaunch cartographer_ros assets_writer_ros_map.launch bag_filenames:=${HOME}/Desktop/cartographer_paper_deutsches_museum.bag pose_graph_filename:=${HOME}/Desktop/cartographer_paper_deutsches_museum.bag.pbstream


    The created map file will now be generated in the .ros folder in the home directory. These two files (pgm and yaml) can be loaded in the map_server in ros.

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