xiaoqiang ROS robot tutorial (12) display point cloud for kinect2

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1.Start kienct v2 ROS driver

The Xiaoqiang platform outputs a 12V power supply (DC head with “kinect power supply” tag) for kinect power supply, and the kinect v2 needs to be inserted into the blue host USB 3.0 interface of the Xiaoqiang. Connect the Xiaoqiang host to the monitor and keyboard. Open a terminal on the Xiaoqiang host and enter the following command

roslaunch kinect2_bridge kinect2-xyz.launch

2.Open a new terminal, start rviz


Open this rviz configuration file /home/xiaoqiang/Documents/ros/src/iai_kinect2/kinect2_bridge/launch/rviz.rviz, Click to download this file. If everything is normal, an interface similar to the one below can appear


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