This is the GitHub version of the Xiaoqiang ROS(Robot Operating System) robot user manual. This file is automatically generated by the tutorial from community. This manual contains all the necessary information for the installation and use of Xiaoqiang, and you can learn how to use it by reading this manual.

The following tutorials focus on the various functions of using Xiaoqiang and do not include the tutorial of ROS. If you are a beginner user of ROS, follow the tutorials below while learning the basics of ROS. Instead of simply following the tutorial to enter the instructions, it is recommended to try to understand the specific meaning of each command. In case you encounter problems, please try to find out the cause of your problems on your own. This can be done through searching the problem on Google or discussing on forums such as StackOverflow.

If you encounter a tutorial or a place where ROS does not understand, you are welcome to ask questions in our ROS Slack Group.

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