Xiaoqiang's remote assistance function

In order to provide you with better service, Xiaoqiang, which was released after June 2016, has remote assistance software installed by default. Through this software our technicians can connect directly to your Xiaoqiang to solve technical problems for you. Of course, you can also use your remote assistance to control your own Xiaoqiang more conveniently. The following describes the specific use of Xiaoqiang's remote assistance function.

Confirm if remote assistance has been activated

Execute htop at the terminal


If you can see that the thread called SharpLink is running, then the remote assistance has already started. You can also confirm the status of the program and execute the instructions in a simpler way.

sudo service sharplink status

If the terminal displays:


This indicates that the program has been executed normally.

Remote connect to Xiaoqiang

Check your ID Each xiaoqiang has an unique ID, please don't tell others. Because if you don't change the default password and someone knows your ID, then he can easily manipulate your xiaoqiang.

The method of viewing the ID is also very simple, in the terminal execution

sudo service sharplink restart

and the output would be


This very long string is your ID.

If you would like us to provide remote assistance, just send this ID to our staff.

Remote connect to your xiaoqiang

After remembering your own ID, as long as your xiaoqiang has connected to the Internet, you can control it anywhere at any time, not by the LAN restrictions.

First install Sharplink on your PC, which is cross-platform, both Linux and Windows can be installed. The specific method of installation is in the introduction of the project.

After the installation is complete, the terminal executes

./SharpLink.exe 9999 [Your ID] 22

This command maps the local 9999 port to the 22 port of xiaoqiang. Just connect to the local 9999 port and you'll be connected to xiaoqiang's 22 port. Of course you can also change 9999 to your preferred port.

Now enter the following commands on local computer

ssh -p 9990 xiaoqiang@

Wait for the connection to complete, then you can control the xiaoqiang.

Enable and disable remote assistance

If you want to disable remote assistance

sudo systemctl disable sharplink

if you want to enable remote assistance

sudo systemctl enable sharplink

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