Chapter 1, Control Software Installation and Trolley Assembly

1.1 Software installation steps

a. Dwonload client from here,and install.

b. After installation, the control software shortcuts will be created on the desktop which is shown in the figure below. Double-click the icon to open the control software.


c. The control software is developed based on .NET technology, so it requires NET Framework 4.5. Please install the NET Framework 4.5 except The WIN10 operating system.

1.2 Trolley assembly steps

The main part of Xiaoqiang is shown in the figure below

assemble image

Place the battery flat on the empty area in front of the host (the battery is blocked by two small black blocks), connect the chassis power wire according to the prompt of line mark, install the wifi antenna of host computer, connect the camera and the underlying USB connection module to the host's USB interface.

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